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Tea is one of the simplest and oldest of civilized pleasures.

Teashop & Tasting Room Hours

Our physical store / tasting room will be closed until April 15th.  Please stay healthy, drink tea, and wash your hands!

Online sales are still available!

*For international sales, please contact us directly. Thank you.*

Plum Blossom Tea Company tasting room and retail tea shop offers premium matcha, Asian teas, and teaware. Come learn how to enjoy an aged puer; experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony: expand your tea awareness and purchase your favorites.

Quality Tea For a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

“A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” – Soshitsu Sen XV
Plum Blossom Tea is your source for authentic Japanese matcha (green tea) and premium Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese teas for your pleasure and health.

JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY In Japan, matcha green tea has been an appreciated part of the culture for nearly 800 years. Our matcha is made from ceremony grade powdered tender green tea leaves. Matcha is vibrant green in color and possesses many healing properties and health benefits along with a smooth, satisfying flavor. Call for your reservation to experience matcha in a private, traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

PUER GONG FU TEA CEREMONY Puer is fermented tea, unique to Yunnan, China. Gong fu tea service is a traditional way to enjoy multiple steeps of these rich and flavorful teas. Call for your reservation to experience a private, gong fu style puer tasting.

Tea is a lovely way to say you care; add traditional teaware for an elegant gift that will continue to spread peace and calm with each cup. To learn more about our tea selection and availability or make a purchase, visit our tasting room located at 100 Adams St., Suttons Bay, MI or visit our online store.

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