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Chado, the way of tea, is based upon the simple act of boiling water, making tea, offering it to others, and drinking of it ourselves. Served with a respectful heart and received with gratitude, a bowl of tea satisfies both physical and spiritual thirst. The frenzied world and our myriad dilemmas leave our bodies and minds exhausted. It is then that we seek out a place where we can have a moment of peace and tranquility. In the discipline of Chado such a place can be found. The four principles of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility, codified almost four hundred years ago, are timeless guides to the practice of Chado. Incorporating them into daily life helps one to find that unassailable place of tranquility that is within each of us.” – Sen Soshitsu

Tea Tasting, Gong Fu Cha Style

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Gong fu cha is a traditional way to enjoy multiple steeps of rich and flavorful whole-leaf tea (camellia sinensis) in a purposeful, reflective way. Gather with a few close friends for this tea experience. You will learn about a variety of teas, the various ways to prepare and serve tea, and enjoy the pleasure of being fully present in conversation with a cup of tea.


  • Fridays at 11:00-12:00, 12:30-1:30, and 2:00-3:00
  • Select from two tasting options:  a ripe and a raw puer tasting OR two loose leaf tea tastings
  • 1-4 guests $55

Tea Meditation

tea image Tea meditation is a lovely way to begin a day of celebration or remembrance with quiet respect. Centering and calming zazen meditation accompanied by the brewing and sharing of bowls of true tea welcomes you to be fully present, whatever your day may bring.

A start to a wedding week or day; part of a life celebration for someone who has passed; or an opening or closing to a self-care day, tea meditation sets the tone and resonates well into the days that follow.

TO SCHEDULE your Tea Meditation, call Michelle directly at 231-386-7616.

  • By appointment, mornings, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
  • Location TBD
  • 1- 10 guests – $265

Tea Ceremony, Traditional Japanese Style

In this traditional Japanese tea ceremony, usucha, or thin tea is made by whipping hot water and powdered matcha with a bamboo whisk. In Japan, matcha has been an appreciated part of the culture for nearly 800 years. Ceremony grade matcha is made from powdered, tender shade-grown green tea leaves. Matcha is vibrant green in color and possesses many healing properties and health benefits along with a smooth, satisfying flavor. The simple, yet elegant usucha ceremony itself takes about 30+ minutes. Afterwards, there will be time for reflection and questions. You can download our guide to whisking a bowl of matcha here: Whisking Matcha.

TO SCHEDULE a Japanese Tea Ceremony, call Michelle directly at 231-386-7616.

  • By appointment, Friday and Saturday mornings
  • Location TBD
  • 1- 4 guests – $295
  • Profits from this ceremony donated to a local charity, TBD


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