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Thinking About It…

Truth be told, I get immeasurably more pleasure from practicing tea than I do from posting about it. I have sifted tea; selected dogu; arranged flowers; prepared sweets; lit the incense, and practiced. But I have put little to no effort into capturing ceremony in photos or in writing. Mostly I make tea for me […]


Quarantea 3 As I set up for tea this morning, near but not in the snug, this piece of original art on our wall, a watercolor of river irises by Doug Racich, proudly bears the quality of a scroll in a tokonoma. Tea flowers are getting easier! On a trip to Seattle for a tea […]

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Quarantea 2 Tea in the snug, again. Today I used the old wooden tool box (my granfather’s) as a tokonoma of sorts; convenient for placing five smooth basalt stones from the UP near the magnolia cuttings which are budding out quickly, and room for incense, too. Tea – Matcha Harmony Sweet – toasted rice(?) tea […]

Tea in the Snug

Quarantea 1: Tea in the snug. (aka 9 of 52) Ok, I have done tea ceremony in this space before. So, not new. I have been thinking about how to continue with my new year resolution of a tea ceremony a week in a new place, with new people. Integrity is important to me. Even […]


Eighth tea ceremony of 2020. Before heading to Florida for vacation, I anticipated a week of daily tea on the beach, all sunshine and zen, an occasional seagull sound and gentle waves. There was plenty of sun and zen, but also powerful wind, blowing sand, huge waves, and hunting seabirds. We did find an Asian […]

Hillside Homestead

Seventh tea ceremony of 2020. While setting up for tea ceremony today, Susan shared with me her early education in manners. “Knowing good manners, such as choosing the correct spoon at a formal place setting, is not to show off, but rather to make those around you feel at ease.” Good manners are about appropriate […]

NP Gazebo

Sixth tea ceremony of 2020. I see IG posts of tea prepared outside, not matcha, but other steeped teas. The photos make it look so inviting. I was curious about how that feels, making tea outside, in the cold. Could it even work with a Japanese tea ceremony? Would the water stay hot enough? Could […]

A Quick Note for First-Timers

If you’re here for the first time and you’d like to read about my year of tea ceremonies from the beginning, I recommend you start with Tea Is For Everyone!

The Yellow House

Fifth tea ceremony of 2020: Today’s Japanese tea ceremony was held in the shrine room at the Yellow House, home of the Omena Karma Kagyu Buddhist Study Group. The shrine room is exactly what it sounds like, a room with an altar for many statues of Buddhas and deities and Tibetan holy things. My specific […]

Sunrise Landing Motel

Fourth tea ceremony of 2020: Today’s temae, chabako kasumi datte, tea box “mist” presentation was at Sunrise Landing Motel, owned and operated by a fabulous couple I have know since they were children. They are the kindest, most thoughtful and gentle people, who now have a home and young family of their own filled with […]