About Plum Blossom Tea Company

Plum Blossom Tea Company is your source for authentic Japanese matcha (green tea) and premium Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese teas for your pleasure and health. To learn more about us and our teashop, listen to an interview with Michelle, as a guest on Anxiety Slayer: The Way of Tea for Your Health.


Michelle Racich


Michelle Racich, Zen shiatsu therapist and teaist.


Douglas Racich


Douglas Racich, artist and teaist.

About Us

With over 40 years of martial arts, qigong, and Zen background, Michelle began studying tea under the instruction of Roo Sensei, and continues to study and practice the way of tea in the tradition of Yamada Kazuharu Sensei, founder and head of the Shidou Ryu tea school in Japan, which espouses the philosophy that “tea is for everyone.”